March Newsletter

We are excited to share our latest Haruko newsletter  with you.  


After subdued February activity, the digital asset  markets showed a notable pick-up in both volume and performance through the  end of March. We saw Bitcoin and Ethereum record gains of 23% and 14%  respectively, generating an impressive 72% and 52% return in Q1 2023. This is  particularly impressive, in light of the rising US Fed funds rate and  persistent regulatory digital asset headwinds.


The rally was very much led by a “flight-to-Bitcoin”. The  unfolding banking crisis, due to asset-liability maturity mismatch, has once  again shed light on Bitcoin’s value as an alternative store of wealth through  time.


This was further reinforced by the Fed’s $300bn  expansion in the balance sheet and an expectation of a peak funds rate. As a  result, we saw Bitcoin decouple from other risk assets with a correlation to  equities declining from 58% at the start of the year to 25%.  The  antifragile narrative is building up. 


High volatility is a mere test of an asset's  resilience. What other asset can experience multiple cycles of 80%+ drawdowns  and each time recover above its all-time highs, all without a centralised  backer of last resort and against mounting regulatory headwinds? Resilience  is the only quality that can withstand the test of time.



This is why we remain committed to building a resilient  blockchain infrastructure and battle-tested digital asset management products  to meet the growing demand from institutional investors. Our aim is to remove  complexity and enable you to safely access growing digital asset  opportunities - including Bitcoin.     


Improved pricing tools


Over the past month, we have been  busy enhancing your portfolio valuation and risk management tools. In  your latest Haruko upgrade, we have delivered new derivative, custom asset,  streaming and waterfall pricing, all seamlessly accessed via the Haruko  Dashboard or via the API. 


When combined, these improved pricing tools deliver you  a more accurate and flexible unified portfolio and risk management platform  to meet all your digital asset needs.


Access custom asset  pricing tools across spot, futures and options.


Real-time margin monitoring 


You can now monitor your live  exposure margin balances across multiple centralised exchange venues, all in  one place enabling you to reduce liquidation risk and optimise your  deployed capital.


Use Haruko to stay on top of your margin balance,  initial margin and maintenance margin ratios that are now available per  account and at summary level. Initially supported venues include OKX,  Binance, Bybit, Deribit, DyDx and Huobi, with more to come.


We are also testing live alerts over Telegram, Slack  and WebSocket to deliver 24/7 margin balance notifications. We hope to make  this available to you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Monitor live margin across  major CEX venues.



New blockchain integrations


Over the past few weeks we have  invested significant time in extending our blockchain connectivity – giving  you access to cutting-edge Layer 1 and 2 blockchains and native protocols  that help you stay on top of the game.


In a rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, speed of  access to new opportunities is paramount. Our focus is to enable this access  all from your unified Haruko platform, delivering reliable and comprehensive  coverage. Expect to see new exciting integrations soon in addition to the  comprehensive list below.


Access the latest  blockchains and DeFi protocols.



We hope these new features and integration improvements  will make it even easier to stay on top of your digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in real-time and all in one place. 









Growing  community 

We are excited to share that we are part of the CryptoUK community. 

CryptoUK represents businesses across the crypto asset  industry who seek to share best practice, respond to industry developments  and help inform regulators and policymakers of the benefits of the  industry. 
 We both share a mission of increasing digital asset adoption in a safe and  prudent manner, focusing on education, regulatory framework and provision of  best-in-class risk management tools. 

Join  us at AIM Summit

We are excited to share that we will be attending the  upcoming Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Summit in London. 
 If you are thinking about accessing digital asset opportunities or looking  for an institutional-grade risk management solution, we would love to meet  you at the event. 
 You can use the below link to connect with us. 


Our  coverage is growing

With our coverage of  venues and protocols ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it  all in one single, accessible space. 

Check out our Coverage Map 

We're updating the list on a regular basis and recent additions  include 


·          Akash

·          Canto

·          Cosmos Hub

·          Terra 2.0

Can't see a blockchain,  protocol or venue you're using? Reach out to your dedicated support team to  find the best solution for you and your portfolio.

Don't forget, you can use our DeFi synthetic  accounts to add any protocols we're currently not listing to  complete your risk view.


 Join  our community to stay ahead of the pack  




Why is DeFi risk taxonomy so  important? Having a well-structured and comprehensive one in place helps us  identify and categorise potential challenges. See some of the financial, technical and operational  risks we have identified.



    Expand your knowledge about the  digital asset ecosystem. Explore our Digital Asset Knowledge Portal  which we have specifically created for our community.      





Curious to know more about OTC and  loan booking tools? Read about how our synthetic  accounts help you manage these risks and challenges.



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