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Leading technology built on deep expertise

Our story

Founded in 2021, Haruko was developed by a team of institutional traders and engineers with decades of experience across traditional and digital assets markets.

From day one, our mission has been to connect institutional capital to the future of finance. Bridging the gap of reliable technology infrastructure deterring institutional investors from exploring the digital asset opportunities.

We’ve built a one-stop digital asset platform for institutional investors, combining the best financial industry practices and the latest blockchain technology to offer a unified, trusted and easy-to-use solution.

Our vertically integrated tech solution enables seamless connectivity across CeFi exchanges and DeFi protocols, offering you a detailed real-time view of all your digital asset positions and risks.

Haruko empowers institutional investors to easily interact with digital asset markets, enabling them to focus on maximizing returns and managing risks.

We have an established presence in the UK, Singapore and US. Offering you global uninterrupted support.

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