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Haruko DeFi staking dashboard

With Lido's top rank of total value  locked ($15bn TVL) and Ethereum staking yield of 4% it is evident that staked  form of PoS digital assets is likely to become the base layer collateral for  DeFi protocols.
This trend will persist as the share of staked Ethereum converges higher to  the 60-70% staked level of other PoS blockchains, accelerated by the recent  Shanghai upgrade. This unlocks a sustainable yield capture opportunity for  institutional digital asset investors.
This is why we have built an advanced staking dashboard to help you stay on  top of all your staking positions on a block-by-block basis. With this you  are able to aggregate your staked exposures and rewards across different  blockchains, enabling you to seamlessly manage the underlying risk and  maximise yield opportunities.



Haruko extended live notifications 

We are excited to release a more  advanced alerts and notification capabilities on your Haruko platform,  unlocking real-time risk management for your digital asset portfolio. 

With the new upgrade, you can now create and track  custom live notifications for asset pricing, trade data, margin balances,  position exposure and much more. 

These alerts are continuously delivered live via  dedicated Slack, Telegram, email or websocket channels. You can now also  receive alerts directly via your Haruko dashboard. 



Haruko search hub 

Your all-in-one Haruko  dashboard can now be interacted with a unified search hub, enabling you  instant access across your entire digital asset portfolio. 

The search menu can be opened in  the top left corner of the dashboard or by pressing Ctrl + Space. Our new  Haruko search hub will seamlessly return all accounts, wallets and tool pages  across CeFi and DeFi. 



We hope these new features and integration improvements  will make it even easier to stay on top of your digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in real-time and all in one place. 









Haruko  HFM Asian Services Awards 2023

Haruko has been shortlisted in the  HFM Asian Services Awards 2023! 
 ✅ Best Digital  Assets Provider - Haruko
 ✅ Best Innovation  Technology Firm - Haruko
 ✅ Best Portfolio  Management Software - Haruko
 We are thrilled to share that Haruko is in the running for this prestigious  award. Our team has been laser-focused on building best-in-class innovative  tech solutions that enhance user experience and enable risk management of  digital assets. 
 Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us shape the future of  digital assets!

Haruko  Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023

Haruko has also been shortlisted in  the Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023! 
 ✅ Best New  Solution Provider - Haruko
 ✅ Most Innovative  Solution Provider - Haruko
 Now, we need your support! 🤝 Please take a moment to vote for us and  spread the word. Every vote counts!
 Vote here by Friday 18th August 2023: 
 https://bit.ly/3Q7rjZZ 👈

Hedgeweek  European Digital Asset Summit

We want to extend our deepest  gratitude to the incredible Hedgeweek team for organising the phenomenal  Digital Asset Summit in London. It was an enlightening and empowering event,  bringing together the brightest minds to shape the future of digital assets.
The insights and perspectives shared during these engaging sessions were  invaluable, and it was truly inspiring to witness industry leaders come  together to explore the exciting potential of digital assets.
At Haruko, we are committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration  in the digital asset space. Events like this enable us to collectively  navigate the opportunities and risks that lie ahead, ensuring that we stay at  the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. 

In  case you missed it: Haruko client case study with Trovio

We are excited to share a Haruko  client success case study with the established digital asset manager Trovio  Group.
This partnership enabled Thoma Scott-Barton to streamline Trovio's  operations and improve digital asset management capabilities, paving the way  for the upcoming Fund Services Platform (Enable) launch.
Here are the key insights from their collaboration.

Challenge: Trovio faced complexities in the  digital asset space, struggling to consolidate and streamline both  centralised and decentralised transactions. Manual data entry and  spreadsheet-based solutions added to their operational challenges.

Solution: Trovio onboarded Haruko's  integrated digital asset management platform, which seamlessly handles both  centralised and decentralised transactions. Haruko's expertise and  understanding of traditional asset workflows made the transition smooth, while  automating data aggregation and connectivity with exchanges and protocols

Conclusion: Trovio and Haruko's partnership  has streamlined Trovio's digital asset operations, addressing challenges in  trading diverse assets, calculating accurate profit and loss and improving  data aggregation. Haruko's all-in-one platform saves time, reduces errors and  offers invaluable resources for traders, risk managers, operations and  finance teams.
 Download  the full report.
 Are you looking to optimise your digital asset management? Reach  out to find out more



Our  coverage is growing  

With our coverage of venues and protocols  ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it all in one single,  accessible space. 


Check out our Coverage Map 


We're updating the list on a regular basis and recent  additions include 



·          Ceffu Custody

·          Coinbase International  Exchange

·          Dexalot

·          Compound V3


Can't see a blockchain, protocol or venue you're using?  Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the best solution for you  and your portfolio.


Don't forget, you can use our DeFi synthetic accounts to add any  protocols we're currently not listing to complete your risk view.


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Expand your knowledge about the  digital asset ecosystem. Explore our Digital Asset Knowledge Portal  which we have specifically created for our community.



    Curious to know more about OTC and  loan booking tools? Read about how our synthetic accounts help you manage  these risks and challenges.      





Why is DeFi risk taxonomy so  important? Having a well-structured and comprehensive one in place helps us  identify and categorise potential challenges. See some of the financial, technical and operational  risks we have identified.






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