Haruko Announced Strategic Integration With Ceffu Custody

LONDON – 15 January 2024 – Haruko, the leading provider of digital asset infrastructure solutions for institutions, announced today its integration with Ceffu, an institutional digital asset custodian with liquidity management solutions. This collaboration brings together Haruko's expertise ininstitutional risk management with Ceffu's compliant and audited services.

The latest integration offers significant benefits for institutional investors in digital assets, enabling easy management of digital assets across various platforms. It improves operational efficiency for institutions, simplifying their processes and workflows.

Key highlights:

1. Integration and Portfolio Management: Haruko's innovative technology enables the aggregation of portfolio positions across multiple exchanges, enhancing the synergy with Ceffu’s key management and custody services. This integration provides a comprehensive view of assets, facilitating more informed decision-making and efficient management for treasury, compliance, and investor reporting tasks.

2. Security Standards and Regulatory Compliance: The collaboration leverages Ceffu’s strong security framework, including industry-standard certifications, aligning with Haruko’s commitment to transparency and rigorous operational controls. This ensures thatinstitutional investors operate within a highly secure and compliant framework, setting a new standard in digital asset management.

3. Streamlined Workflow Optimisation: By combining Haruko’s specialised infrastructure, whichis tailored for efficient front-, middle-, and back-office operations, with Ceffu's diverse product range, the partnership significantly streamlines operational workflows. This integration is particularly advantageous forinstitutional clients who demand sophisticated solutions for trading and managing digital assets, offering a seamless, integrated experience.


About Ceffu:

Ceffu provides a compliant, audited institutional custody platform offering security and liquidity solutions to institutional clients, powered by cutting-edgemulti-party computation (MPC) technology to manage their digital assets safely and efficiently. Ceffu’s solutions are ISO 27001 & 27701 certified, SOC 2 attested and include on-chain cold storage, escrow services and off-exchange settlement in exclusive partnership with the Binance Exchange, providing asecure gateway to the world’s most liquid crypto trading platform.

For more information, visit www.ceffu.com or contact sales@ceffu.com


About Haruko:

Haruko provides the most comprehensive digital asset infrastructure solution for institutions deploying capital across the digital asset ecosystem. Seamless consolidation of positions across exchanges, on-chainand OTC activity with access to real-time and historical pricing, risk and P&L reporting provides the transparency needed for effective treasury management, compliance, investor reporting and financial controllership functions.

Haruko has an experienced team of TradFi and digital industry veterans located across Europe and Asia supporting more than 45 institutional clients globally using Haruko to optimize their front-, middle- and back-office workflows and operational controls.

For more information or to book your Haruko demo, please visit www.haruko.com or contact hello@haruko.io.


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