September Newsletter


August was a rocky month for the crypto market. Headwinds from the Fed's hawkish speech sent the price of Bitcoin back to mid-July levels. The Ethereum Foundation’s successful final dry run of the upcoming merge saw ETH doubling its value.

With more details on the merge dates now available, much volatility is expected. Whilst it looks certain that most ETH ecosystem participants will move to the new PoS consensus, the PoW chain could survive as a fork. The merge being one of the most anticipated events in crypto for many years, September promises to be an exciting month.

This month at Haruko

Our team is constantly improving the Haruko platform. Throughout August we released several new features to help our clients make the most of the digital asset landscape:

Identify your P&L sources in detail

Our new P&L Reporting feature allows you to interactively view and explore live and historical P&L attribution across both CeFi and DeFi, allowing you to clearly identify the sources of your profits and losses.

Manage your DeFi assets more easily

We have added new features in our DeFi Tools, allowing you more flexibility to manage your DeFi assets:

  • Generate P&L and activity reports on both an individual wallet and summary view
  • Add DeFi protocol, deployment and type to your summary pivot view
  • Create custodian whitelists - you can use our new DeFi whitelist screen to build and export shareable lists

Use synthetic accounts to get a better overview of your whole portfolio

Synthetic accounts are an extension of our static account concept and allows you to get an even more complete picture of your digital assets:

  • You can now book manual trades, transfers and balance adjustments into synthetic accounts
  • Synthetic accounts are treated as full venue accounts - P&L, balances and any open positions are calculated on the dashboard and via the API
  • In addition to existing equity curves, P&L curves are now also generated for all venue accounts

Add your synthetic accounts today under Company Admin.

We've created a carefully curated knowledge portal for those looking to expand their understanding of digital assets.

Delve into the philosophy of decentralisation, read insightful reports from some of the largest institutions, learn about the crypto infrastructure, find new podcasts to listen to and watch bite-sized videos on all things digital assets.

Feel free to share the link below with friends and colleagues.

Explore Haruko's Atlas of Digital Assets

ICYMI Haruko Telegram Bot

Did you know that we've set up a Telegram Bot? By adding it, you'll have a 24/7 view of the derivatives market at your fingertips. It's also publicly available for anyone to use. What's not to like?

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