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We are excited to share our latest  newsletter with you. In this edition, we cover how  Haruko digital asset infrastructure solutions empower your team, from  portfolio management to back-office operations.


All-in-one  infrastructure solution


As an emerging asset  class, digital assets present an opportunity for radical technological  innovation and associated outsized returns to early capital allocators. The  size of the existing financial market sector provides a deep value pool that  is ripe for disruption by blockchain technology, supported by reliable  institutional-grade infrastructure. 


The current state of digital asset  infrastructure and liquidity remains fragmented among retail focused CeFi  venues and DeFi protocols, with even fewer reliable and unified solutions  between them. This makes it challenging for institutional portfolio and  operating teams to unlock digital asset return opportunities at an acceptable  operational risk level.


This is why from day one, our  mission has been to connect institutional capital to the future of finance.  Bridging the gap of reliable technology infrastructure deterring  institutional investors from exploring digital asset  opportunities. Haruko was founded by a team of traders and engineers  with decades of experience across traditional and digital asset markets. We  understand your pain points and build solutions to solve them.


Today, Haruko enables seamless  unified connectivity across digital asset exchanges and on-chain protocols,  offering a detailed real-time view of all your exposures and risks. Covering  spot, futures, options, OTC, loans, and NFTs. Our all-in-one infrastructure  empowers institutional portfolio, risk, operations, and engineering teams to  access digital asset opportunities with confidence. 



Portfolio  management and trading


Institutional portfolio managers  and traders deploying capital across digital asset venues and on-chain  protocols are seeking to maximize risk-adjusted returns while minimizing  market and operating risks.


The key challenge for both  systematic and discretionary digital asset portfolio managers is to aggregate  and track the entire risk exposures across different venues, protocols,  tokens and instruments. The fragmented digital asset landscape makes this task  very complex. In addition, the burdensome tasks of fund admin and monthly  reporting further detract from the time available for alpha discovery.


Haruko provides an all-in-one  portfolio management solution to unify all your digital asset exposures and  activity across 70+ exchange venues and 100+ on-chain protocols. Covering  spot, futures, options, OTC, loans and NFTs through a single point access API  or an intuitive and secure web-based platform. Single-point portfolio view to  help you capture upside returns, manage equity drawdowns, and streamline your  reporting. 



Risk control and compliance 


An emerging asset class  such as digital assets presents a mix of well-known as well as novel risk  factors that must be assessed and managed by institutional risk and  compliance teams. In addition to the market risk, the new blockchain  technology and lack of standardization amplifies the operational risks  associated with digital asset investment and trading. The bearer asset form  and on-chain transaction irreversibility significantly raise the risks of  operational errors. 


The challenge of effective risk  management and compliance monitoring is most evident in multi-strategy  investment approaches, as this requires a reliable aggregated view of the  diverse digital asset portfolio. The nature of fragmented liquidity and  inconsistent pricing sources, across CeFi and DeFi, increase the risk of  exposure blind spots that may result in significant fund drawdowns. In  addition, the 24/7 nature of digital asset markets requires access to  real-time and reliable risk monitoring solutions.         


Haruko empowers your risk and  compliance team to solve these challenges. We have built a complete solution  to monitor and control your digital asset position exposure and transaction  risk. It covers real-time delta and exotic risk types across multiple  instruments all in one place.


In addition to reliable risk  assessment tools, Haruko enables you to implement pre-trade risk controls via  advanced user permissioning, scenario analysis, and on-chain transaction  vetting. The advanced suite of our post-trade risk control tools covers  comprehensive exposure aggregation, custom asset pricing, trade  reconciliation as well as valuation and performance reporting. These features  along with live exposure, transaction and margin alerts significantly reduce  the risks of irrecoverable portfolio drawdowns.  



Operations  and finance


Operating and finance  teams face the challenge of navigating complexities in the digital asset  space. The lack of suitable tools, connectivity and time constraints make it  difficult for operational teams to perform seamless straight-through  processing and reconcile diverse digital asset portfolios in real-time.  Manual data entry and spreadsheet-based solutions add to these operational  challenges.


Haruko's expertise and  understanding of traditional asset workflows made the transition smooth while  automating data aggregation and connectivity with exchanges and protocols.  Our all-in-one platform saves time, reduces errors and offers invaluable  resources for operations and finance teams.


Interested in learning more about  Haruko can streamline your digital asset operations and save time, please  refer to our recent client success case study with Trovio here



Systems  and engineering


For any digital asset  fund, the technology is an essential component of deploying and scaling the  investment strategy at the institutional-grade quality. As the early stage  teams outgrow their reliance on spreadsheets and retail focused portfolio and  risk management solutions, the decision to build, buy or rent will naturally  arise.  A decision that will often be made under a tight timeline,  to meet institutional LP due diligence requirements. 


The systems and engineering teams  are under pressure to deliver a reliable and functional technology solution,  under the constraints of knowledge, time and resources. This is not an easy  task and often leads to significant compromises. In addition, the ongoing  cost of maintaining an in-house system and the associated key man risk  further amplify this challenge.


Haruko provides a leading  technology turn-key solution built on deep expertise. Our platform was  developed by a team of institutional traders and engineers with decades of  experience across traditional and digital assets markets.


Integrate and build on top of our  reliable vertically integrated digital asset infrastructure, all via our  secure standardised single-point API. Enabling data security by design with  our vertically integrated blockchain infrastructure. We also deliver you  our continuous technical support via a dedicated Slack channel in your  local time zone.



We hope our best-in-class institutional digital asset  solutions will make it easier for your front and back-office teams to stay on  top of the all digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in real-time  and all in one place. 









Haruko  Singapore Token2049 Event with Falcon X and BSO

We're really looking forward to  teaming up with FalconX and BSO for an exclusive event in Singapore to kick  off the Token2049 week in style. Bringing together our clients and industry  peers for an evening of good food, good drinks and great company in the  buzzing city state of Singapore. It promises to be a great evening!

If you're in Singapore that week  and want to catch up, let us know!

Haruko HFM  Asian Services Awards 2023

Haruko has been shortlisted in the  HFM Asian Services Awards 2023! 
 ✅ Best Digital  Assets Provider - Haruko
 ✅ Best Innovation  Technology Firm - Haruko
 ✅ Best Portfolio  Management Software - Haruko
 We are thrilled to share that Haruko is in the running for this prestigious  award. Our team has been laser-focused on building best-in-class innovative  tech solutions that enhance user experience and enable risk management of  digital assets. 
 Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us shape the future of  digital assets!

Haruko Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023

Haruko has been shortlisted in  the Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards  2023! 🏆
 ✅ Best New  Solution Provider - Haruko
 ✅ Most Innovative  Solution Provider - Haruko
 We are thrilled to share that Haruko is in the running for this prestigious  award. Our team has been laser-focused on building best-in-class innovative  tech solutions that enhance user experience and enable risk management of  digital assets.

Thank you all for being part of our  journey! 



In case  you missed it: Our recent  coverage additions  

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We're updating the list on a regular basis and recent  additions include 




·          Ceffu Custody


·          Coinbase International Exchange


·          Dexalot


·          Compound V3


Can't see a blockchain, protocol or venue you're using?  Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the best solution for you  and your portfolio.


Don't forget, you can use our DeFi synthetic accounts to add  any protocols we're currently not listing to complete your risk view.


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