Haruko Monthly: Improved portfolio tools, trade enchancement, staking and mobile view




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We are excited to share our latest  newsletter with you. In this edition, we cover our  digital asset infrastructure upgrades aimed to empower your team, from  portfolio management to back-office operations.


Enhanced Portfolio Management and Trade Enrichment Tools


Our Haruko platform has undergone  significant enhancements to boost your portfolio management capabilities. The  highlight of these upgrades is the Portfolio Timeseries component, which  replaces the previous P&L and Equity curves. This feature allows you to  effortlessly monitor daily equity changes, absolute and percentage P&L  values (notional value-configured), drawdown history and more.


Additionally, we've expanded individual trade data  enrichment capabilities, enabling you to append custom data for advanced  analysis and reporting. These improvements offer you a more comprehensive  view of your portfolio's performance and risk metrics, empowering you to make  informed investment decisions.



New Advanced Portfolio Analytics Dashboard


We're thrilled to introduce our  portfolio analytics dashboard, designed to empower you in effortlessly  monitoring and reporting essential performance metrics for all your digital  asset investments. Furthermore, you can now conveniently keep an eye on real-time  and historical advanced portfolio risk metrics, all within your Haruko  dashboard.


This enhanced portfolio dashboard allows for  comprehensive account tracking, including key return metrics such as monthly  averages, Sharpe ratios and Sortino ratios. It also provides detailed daily  profit and loss statistics, as well as win/loss ratios. In terms of risk  assessment, you can now monitor portfolio volatility alongside advanced  standard deviation metrics.


Mobile Optimisation for the Haruko Platform


The Haruko platform's user  interface has been enhanced to provide an optimal experience on mobile  devices. You can effortlessly and securely access your aggregated portfolio  view, transaction details and margin balance data while on the go using your  mobile device.


With this latest update, you now have the capability to  organise your information by risk group or strategy, allowing you to easily  monitor your live profit and loss (P&L) as well as your equity balance.  Additionally, you have the option to create a personalised price watchlist  that can be integrated with real-time price updates and portfolio alerts  delivered through Telegram on your mobile device.



DeFi Dashboard Capability Upgrades


The DeFi dashboard has  received additional improvements, including a new Protocol Exposure section  that provides insights into the USD exposure for each DeFi protocol.


Additionally, the Ethereum staking  dashboard now offers last withdrawal timestamps and state change epochs in  the validator table, enhancing user experience and transparency.


Furthermore, we've introduced  enhanced transaction inference for reward re-staking in Polygon staking.  These enhancements contribute to a more comprehensive and user-friendly DeFi  monitoring experience.



We hope our best-in-class institutional digital asset  solutions will make it easier for your front- and back-office teams to stay  on top of the all digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in  real-time and all in one place. 









Haruko  Named Best Solution Provider by HedgeWeek 

We are very excited and grateful to  have been chosen for the Best New Solution Provider award presented at the  Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023 in Singapore.
Thank you to everyone who has nominated and voted for Haruko! We truly  appreciate your support and vote of confidence for our infrastructure  solutions.
We are humbled by the recognition and continue to strive to create products  that are reliable and improve transparency and safety in our ecosystem.

Haruko  Voted the Most Innovative Technology Firm by HFM Asia

We are absolutely thrilled to  announce that Haruko has been honoured with the prestigious HFM Asia Award  for Most Innovative Technology Firm. 
This award serves as a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and  our dedication to helping our clients manage volatility and maximise upside  returns.

Let's continue to push the  boundaries and redefine the standards of the digital asset industry.

Haruko's  Co-Founder Omer Suleman to Present at ALTSUK

Haruko's co-founder, Omer Suleman,  will be sharing his insights on the "Future of Digital Assets"  panel at ALTSUK London.
Moderated by Barnali Biswal from Atitlan Asset Management,  alongside Edward Smith, CFA  from Rathbones Group and Matt Scott  from Mercer Alternative Assets. 
A huge thank you to CAIA Association for fostering such crucial conversations  and supporting the evolution of the alternative investment industry in the  UK.



Haruko Attended BattleFin London Conference   

We were excited to have the  opportunity to meet our valued Haruko clients and new partners at the  BattleFin Digital Asset event in London! It was a day brimming with  insights on leveraging AI to unlock the full potential of Alternative  Data, covering an array of Macro, Micro, Sector, and Company Alt Data Use  Cases.
We are extending a big thank you to BattleFin for orchestrating such an  enlightening event and leading the industry with new data providers, product  announcements and invaluable insights.



Our  recent  coverage additions


With our coverage of venues and protocols  ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it all in one single,  accessible space. 


Check  out our Coverage Map 


New Integrations

·          Bybit  v5 API integration 

·          B2C2  OTC

·          Unified  Binance Exchange

·          Hop  Exchange

·          Yama 

·          Curve  - now on more EVM chains


Can't see a blockchain, protocol or venue you're using?  Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the best solution for you  and your portfolio.


Don't forget, you can use our DeFi synthetic accounts to add  any protocols we're currently not listing to complete your risk view.


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Expand your knowledge about the  digital asset ecosystem. Explore our Digital Asset Knowledge Portal which  we have specifically created for our community.



    Curious to know more about OTC and  loan booking tools? Read about how our synthetic accounts help you manage  these risks and challenges.      





Why is DeFi risk taxonomy so  important? Having a well-structured and comprehensive one in place helps us  identify and categorise potential challenges. See some of the financial, technical and operational  risks we have identified.







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