Client success case study - Trovio

We are excited to share a Haruko client success case study with the established digital asset manager Trovio Group. 🤝

This partnership enabled Thomas Scott-Barton to streamline Trovio's operations and improve digital asset management capabilities, paving the way for the upcoming Fund Services Platform (Enable) launch.

Here are the key insights from their collaboration:

🔑 Challenge: Trovio faced complexities in the digital asset space, struggling to consolidate and streamline both centralised and decentralised transactions. Manual data entry and spreadsheet-based solutions added to their operational challenges.

💡 Solution: Trovio onboarded Haruko's integrated digital asset management platform, which seamlessly handles both centralised and decentralised transactions. Haruko's expertise and understanding of traditional asset workflows made the transition smooth, while automating data aggregation and connectivity with exchanges and protocols.

✅ Key benefits: Trovio experienced significant operational productivity improvements with Haruko:

1️ Time savings: Haruko's automation eliminated manual data processing, saving Trovio precious time and providing a complete transaction history.

2️ Reliable data and pricing access: Haruko's system records all information across CeFi and DeFi, ensuring easy access to data without relying on extensive spreadsheets.

3️ Advanced user and account permissions: Haruko offers permissioning features, enhancing data integrity and providing a foundation for operational diligence and security.

🔍 Conclusion: Trovio and Haruko's partnership has streamlined Trovio's digital asset operations, addressing challenges in trading diverse assets, calculating accurate profit and loss and improving data aggregation. Haruko's all-in-one platform saves time, reduces errors and offers invaluable resources for traders, risk managers, operations and finance teams.

Download the full report here: https://bit.ly/3CHQKcA

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