February Newsletter

We are excited to share our latest Haruko newsletter  with you.

After an impressive start of the year, digital asset  markets paused for breath in February. The performance of Bitcoin and  Ethereum was relatively flat, with the total crypto market cap mostly  unchanged at $1 trillion. Although crypto derivatives trading volume remained  high, the volatility was subdued over the month.  


The positive tailwinds of improved macro sentiment and  an attractive valuation that fuelled January rally were offset by renewed QT  concerns on the back of a strong US labour market and elevated service sector  inflation. In addition, the SEC regulatory scrutiny of digital asset  participants, ongoing Voyager portfolio liquidations, the Shanghai upgrade  and Mt.Gox creditors' anticipated redemptions all weighed on market  sentiment.


As we look ahead beyond the wall of worry, the  underlying fundamental trend is still very much supportive for growing  digital asset adoption and associated value creation. In the background, we  are seeing increased ecosystem participation from established and well funded  players. Building takes time, but will inevitably lead to digital asset value  creation, stored and exchanged on the blockchain.    



This is why we remain committed to building the  best-in-class blockchain infrastructure and digital asset management products  to meet the growing demand from the institutional investors. Our aim is to  remove complexity and enable you to safely access growing digital asset  opportunities.  


Improved risk & reporting tools


Over the past month, we have been  busy enhancing your risk management and portfolio reporting tools.  We  strive to eliminate the complexities associated with digital assets, so you  can focus on alpha discovery and capture.


In your latest Haruko upgrade, we have delivered  advanced margin monitoring tools and notifications, tagging methods and an  options exposure functionality. When combined, these improvements deliver you  a more robust and intuitive unified portfolio management platform to meet all  your digital asset needs.


Enhanced  risk management tools for your digital asset portfolio. 



Expanding Haruko integrations 


You can now access an even wider  range of DeFi protocols and CeFi venues. Haruko is enabling you to stay on  top of rapidly evolving digital asset opportunities all-in-one place.


We are continuously improving our integrations, both in  scope and depth (e.g. liquidation price, exposure type, historical time  series). Our aim is to deliver a reliable and complete coverage of key data  points to help you stay on top of your risk.


Access  more CeFi and DeFi opportunities.



Upgraded API functionality 


As an API-first blockchain  infrastructure product, we are constantly adding new data call functionality  to streamline your in-house operations and expedite your go to market time.


Haruko’s recent upgrades now enable pricing waterfall  configurable via API, with an added functionality of pricing transparency for  the broad range of digital assets. This and many other API-first upgrades  will deliver reliable and flexible digital asset data. 


Built  on top of our API-first blockchain infrastructure.



We hope these new features and integration improvements  will make it even easier to stay on top of your digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in real-time and all in one place. 









Join our interview series

What  is the best framework for evaluating and managing your digital asset  portfolio risk? What risk management lessons from TradFi should be applied to  DeFi? 

This month, we have teamed up with Crypto  Risk Office to help you answer these questions.

Join our co-founder Omer  Suleman below to hear our perspective on risk management in  digital asset space. 

Explore DeFi with us

We are excited to share that our team was invited  to present at the Decentralised Finance Research Group Oxford–Man Institute  event.

Haruko and DeFOx have partnered to explore cutting-edge  risk management concepts, tools and best practises across decentralised  finance opportunities.

Curious to know more? See event and full paper links  below.

Our coverage is growing

With our coverage of  venues and protocols ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it  all in one single, accessible space. 

Check out our Coverage Map 

We're updating the list on a regular basis and recent additions  include 


·          Aurora

·          Osmosis

DeFi protocols

·          Ape Stake

·          Conic Finance

·          Superfluid Staking

·          The Graph

Can't see a protocol or  venue you're using? Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the best  solution for you and your portfolio.

Don't forget, you can use our DeFi synthetic accounts to add  any protocols we're currently not listing to complete your risk view.



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Curious to know more about OTC and  loan booking tools? Read  about how our synthetic accounts help you manage these risks and challenges.



    Dive  into the depths of our Digital Asset Knowledge Portal. We have  curated this specifically for our community to reach higher peaks in their  digital asset journey.      





In markets, the only certainty is  change and uncertainty. Learn  more about how you can perform "what if" scenario analysis  across your portfolios and strategies with our powerful Scenario Analysis  Tools.


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