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The month of December saw an unusually calm crypto  market price action, following the prior month's sell-off due to the FTX  fallout. We saw Bitcoin and Ethereum trade in a narrow 3% range, with the  total crypto market cap mostly unchanged at c. $800bn. 


The very public and unexpected collapse of the FTX  exchange exposed the lack of robust governance structures within  the nascent CeFi ecosystem. While the absence of a lender of last resort  amplified the speed and extent of the resulting crypto market fallout. These  failures of CeFi have revealed the importance of trust.
 In contrast, DeFi is trustless by design. It enables complete transparency  and permissionless exchange of value without reliance on a trusted  intermediary. However, DeFi opportunities are far from risk-free and  often quite complex. Investors must have the right tools to monitor and  control the full gamut of technical and financial risks to safely capture  these opportunities. 


This is why we are working hard on building the best  institutional-grade risk control DeFi tools for you – enabling seamless, safe  and reliable access to the growing DeFi universe. 


Categorise your token transactions


You can now flatten and categorise your token  transactions by using our brand-new DeFi transaction panel and report.


Aggregated  DeFi transaction view.


Get a better view of your DeFi PnL


Great news! We've tweaked the PnL  function for DeFi so that your DeFi Transfers are no longer  attributing profits or losses to your overall risk view.


This feature is currently available for Ethereum-based  chains and we're working on building out this functionality for  non-Ethereum-based chains.


Advanced  DeFi transaction reporting.


See how much gas you've spent


Our PnL reporting tool just got even more detailed.  We thought it might be useful to see gas fees in the PnL report, so we  added it as an activity


Seamlessly track on-chain gas fees.




If you're sitting on any NFTs, you can now use our new  NFT endpoints for pulling your wallet's NFT tokens and their associated  details.


Haruko  native NFT support.










Our  coverage is growing

With our coverage of  venues and protocols ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it  all in one single, accessible space. 

Check out our new Coverage  Map 

We're updating the list on a weekly basis and recent additions  include 

·          LMAX Digital (in rest)

·          Phemex

·          dYdX

Can't see a venue or  protocol you're using? Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the  best solution for you and your portfolio.

Don't forget, you can use our  DeFi synthetic accounts to add any protocols we're currently  not listing to complete your risk view.



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As always, we'd be very grateful for your support to  help us continue connecting institutional capital to the future of  finance. 



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Remember that potential Platypus  arbitrage bug that we helped fixing? Read the full report which reviewed the mathematics of  major AMMs and contributed to the safety of the crypto ecosystem.












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